12 August 2010


Hey Friends! We've moved our blog and incorporated it onto our website at www.domrebel.com. You'll find the blog link in the main menu. At the moment, it's the not the prettiest thing, so give us a bit of time to work on it and make it beautiful. Thanks for following us on blogspot for the past 2 years!

Justin & Don

11 August 2010

Dom Rebel Fall 2010 Runway

We were very pleased to see the 2000+ people that came out to see our Fall 2010 runway show at the Festival Mode & Design de Montréal last week, thank you all for the support. We'll have a gallery up on our website in the Society section as soon as we are done renovations. Check back to the blog later this week for more pics from the show.

09 August 2010

Behind The Scenes Video of Dom Rebel Fall 2010 Campaign

We shot a behind the scenes video with Jen Daoust of our Fall 2010 campaign featuring Will Lewis, to the sounds of one of our favorite songs, "Beat The Devil's Tattoo" by Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. We had a blast shooting the campaign with photographer Martin Rondeau and stylist Randy Smith, who caught some really great moments of Will out in the hot sun in a village that we don't even think had a name. All we can say is that Molson M saved the day, and we're loving the results!

See the video on the front page of www.domrebel.com

06 August 2010

Launch Day

Our Fall 2010 collection is hitting stores today around the world. We hope you will enjoy it as much as we do!

The Dom Rebel website will be online soon, where you can view the Dom Rebel and _ATELIERdomrebel collections. Until then, here is another one of our favorite styles from "Le Bon Vivant", the Bang Boot tee.

04 August 2010

Dom Rebel Fall 2010

Dom Rebel Fall 2010 Preview

Two more of our favorite styles from Fall 2010, the "Beast" and "Peace" t-shirts. Each of these styles features repair embroidery, and "Peace" features a special oil spill wash effect, along with subtle Jet Swarovski detailing on the bullets.

One of each size per style has been released to retailers. Please contact your local retailer for information on what they will be receiving this Friday.

03 August 2010

Dom Rebel Fashion Show This Saturday

This Saturday, August 7th at 9:30pm, we will be showcasing our Fall 2010 collection, "Le Bon Vivant", at the Festival Mode & Design de Montréal. The presentation will be on the festival's main stage on McGill College street in downtown Montreal, just above Ste-Catherine.

The lineup will include highlights from the Bon Vivant collection, as well as selected pieces from our _ATELIERdomrebel collection, which is being released at a handful of retailers around the world at the same time as our main collection, this Friday, August 6th.

The show is open to the public, so space may be quite limited. Get a good spot and enjoy the show!

For more information, please visit www.festivalmodedesign.com

30 July 2010

Dom Rebel Fall 2010 Preview

The worldwide launch date for our Fall 2010 collection, "Le Bon Vivant", is set for next Friday, August 6th. Until then, we'll be posting some previews of the collection here on our blog.

Our aesthetic for Fall 2010 is authentic vintage. Our prints are specifically developed and printed to appear as naturally weathered as possible, with desaturated colors and distress. The actual t-shirts look and feel like they've been worn for 10 years and washed 100 times, just like your favorite old concert tee. Various painted effects are added for a worn in and used feel. The majority of the shirts have been repaired with either fabric patches sewn into the shirt or with embroidery that is meant to close up a torn hole. The result is a collection of shirts that you'll want to literally live in, and they'll look even better with age.

As always, we've only released a few pieces of each style to each of our stores. In most cases, there is only one piece per size available in each style. Please contact your local retailer to find out what they will be receiving.

Here are two of our favorite styles, The Patriot and Being Green.

21 July 2010

New Site Launching In A Few Days

Our website (www.domrebel.com) will be shutting down in a few days in order for us to launch our newer version, as well as a separate website for our _ATELIERdomrebel brand. Keep checking back for the launch of our new collection, "Le Bon Vivant" and keep posted to our blog for updates. Freshness is in the air!

19 July 2010

Meet Will

For our Fall 2010 collection, we had the privilege of shooting Will Lewis. We've been a fan of Will's for quite some time now, and it was nice to be able to bring him up to Canada to shoot our campaign, considering how busy he has been doing runways and photoshoots for the likes of Alexander McQueen, Vogue, Roberto Cavalli, Diesel, Bess, AllSaints...the list goes on. We couldn't have asked for a more fitting man to represent "Le Bon Vivant". Here are some of his works:

17 July 2010

Dom Rebel X AskMen.com

Much love to our friend Ryan Barnett for featuring our food picks on AskMen.com!

28 June 2010

Dom Rebel in Elle Magazines

_ATELIERdomrebel jewellery pieces were featured in July's Elle Québec and Elle Canada Magazines in a shoot entitled "Maillots Noirs Sur Sable Blanc: La Plage Se Fait Rock" (Elle Québec) and "Turn Up The Heat With A Rockstar Vibe" (Elle Canada). Many thanks to Cloé Legault, Leda & St-Jacques, and Denis Desro for the great spread. _ATELIERdomrebel jewellery pieces are currently exclusively available at Glori.us, Next Door, High Grade Clothing, Influence U, Queue, Boys'Co, Black Line Studio, and through special requests at www.domrebel.com.

22 June 2010


Ya so we rarely do these things (the last one we did was 3 years ago), but this Saturday we are opening our doors and letting you come take sweet advantage of us. All sorts of stuff from the last 5 collections will be at reduced prices, from 50% to 80% off. Since we always produce such limited editions of everything, most of the items will be from sample sets, but there will also be some rare finds and nice surprises. Doors open at 10:00am, and we'll shut down once there is nothing left, or at the latest 5:00pm. See the images for all the info, and see you Saturday!

Dom Rebel Sample Sale
Chateau St-Ambroise, 4030 St-Ambroise Suite #105
Montreal, Quebec H4C 2C7
Date and Time:
Saturday, June 26th, 2010
Open: 10:00am
Close: 5:00pm (or earlier if stock runs out)

21 June 2010

DJ Antoine

The Swiss DJ played Ivy in Montreal last weekend, wearing the Dom Rebel Violence tee. Visit djantoine.ch

photos courtesy clubzone

16 June 2010

14 June 2010

Montreal F1 Grand Prix Weekend

Alas, all good things must come to an end. And so, the greatest weekend to spend in Montreal comes to a close as the F1 Grand Prix leaves our town after a one year hiatus. A fantastic weekend, blessed with lots of sunshine and endless partying officially kicked off our summer of festivals. And with the F1 in town, the World Cup officially underway, NBA finals going to game 6, and the CFL season just around the corner, it's a great time to be a sports fan.

For those of you that couldn't make it to our city for the F1, here are some shots of Crescent and Peel streets on Saturday afternoon. We started getting tipsy and lazy as we got to St-Laurent, so no soup for you. You'll just have to come next year.

Lesson learned: even Ferrari's can't park next to fire hydrants...

04 June 2010

Dom Rebel Fall 2010

It's time to get excited... Mid-July release date. Our blood, sweat and tears in every piece. Ok, maybe we're only half serious about the tears.

03 June 2010

01 June 2010

Scooter @ VIVA Comet Awards

German Electronic band Scooter won the Most Aired Band award at the Viva Comet Awards 2010. They perfomed a live medley, with lead singer H.P. Baxxter wearing the Dom Rebel "Love Jades" t-shirt made exclusively for Düsseldorf's Jades Boutique for their 10th anniversary. The t-shirt is available at JADES ONLINE.

photos zimbio

31 May 2010

A Kate Moss Moment

...brought to you by this month's Vogue Hommes International. Yes, we design men's clothing. But the only way we get through an entire day is by taking breaks to look at girls.

28 May 2010

Welcome To Our Backyard

The best way to describe our neighbourhood is that it resembles New York City's Meatpacking district in more than one way. We're right on the water and just down the street from the Atwater Market, where butcher shops, cafes and local produce suppliers give you best that Quebec has to offer. The area has a grungy chip on its shoulder, and it's becoming kind of a hub for creative types (there are quite a few music and movie studios next to us). We chose this area because it reflected our personalities and the creative nature of our brand.

When we need to feel inspired, a quick walk in the backyard gets the creative juices flowing. You can see the high-rises of downtown Montreal in the background, and we're nestled under Westmount in a kind of serene place. The building you see here is where the entire Dom Rebel world exists. Our head office and design departments are here, as well as our workshop where we make every single Dom Rebel piece. And, right next to the French bistro downstairs is our Punk & Doll Gallery, which you'll be hearing more of shortly.